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"Top-notch service from the beginning to the end with great results.   Not only were we surprised by the research report and the information Manuel has collected for us, but also he was very communicative during the entire time. "

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German Roots in Russia Professional Genealogy Services

Owner: Manuel Goehring

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My passion for genealogy first started when my parents gave me a pedigree chart for my 14th birthday when I was living in Germany. I was hooked immediately, discovering interesting things about my own family like that one of my great grandfathers was not even related to me! I learned much about my ancestors who lived in Bessarabia, now Ukraine, for almost 130 years.


Over the years, I have honed my knowledge in GR Genealogy, tracing my own paternal ancestry back to 1580. I was able to gather information on more than 2600 descendants from a common Goehring ancestor who was born in Prussia in 1809. 


Moving to Canada in 2008, I was able to access information in the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan and Alberta, local libraries and courthouses. With German as my native tongue, and intermediate knowledge of Russian and French, I am not limited to old documents written in English.


I am an active member of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society in Bismarck, N.D. and the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Lincoln, NE where I act as the village coordinator of Beresina, Bessarabia. I am also a member of “Landsmannschaft der Russlanddeutschen”, located in Stuttgart, Germany.


My passion for genealogy is here to help you in your quest to learn about your own history!


Manuel Goehring

"I hit a brick wall in my research of the whereabouts of my great-grandmothers twin siblings for many years, but it only took a few weeks for Manuel to find out that they had moved to Argentina from Russia in 1912! Additionally, he was also able to find one "lost sibling" we have never heard of before, who had stayed in Russia! Amazing work!"

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